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Exergetic Systems was founded in 1982 as an employee owned engineering firm
(video timeline of Exergetic Systems' history). The company specializes in the improvement of power plant thermal efficiency. Exergetic Systems believes that viable engineering in this field can not be supplied solely by a vendor, but rather the vendor working with the utility. Viable thermal performance of a power plant is best illustrated by a three legged stool, each leg a unique discipline: one leg for Monitoring and Testing activities, one for Analysis, and one for Instrumentation. Lose any one leg and performance engineering falls down. Exergetic Systems supplies state-of-the-art Analytics through an installed Monitoring system (Input/Loss Method). The implementation of its Analytics, the use of an installed Monitoring system, the maintenance of Instrumentation must be “owned” by the power plant staff.

For us, thermal performance engineering is divided into three disciplines: 1) testing power plants for improved heat rate, 2) advising utilities at the system level as to improved thermal performance, and 3) installation of our on-line monitoring system, the Input/Loss Method. The following points highlight these endeavors:

  • Exergetic Systems has completed over three dozen major thermal performance evaluations of power plants including testing, detailed analysis and recommendations for heat rate improvement. These were major thermal evaluation efforts, exceeding ASME Power Test Codes 4.1 and 6 procedures. The average recoverable heat rate has been 446 Btu/kWh (471 kJ/kWh).
  • Exergetic Systems has the experience and expertise to make generic evaluations of all power plants on a utilities' grid. A typical application of this service resulted in identification of 2% improvement/unit for 5 units, and an average 6% improvement/unit for another 4 units. These results were demonstrated in only two months!

  • Exergetic Systems has installed the Input/Loss Method at twenty power plants. The Input/Loss Method allows instantaneous gross unit heat rate, updating of fuel heating values, fuel flow, total "Energy Released by Combustion", Fuel Consumption Indices, etc.; all on-line.  

The company's core efforts have developed from a solid technological base, historically developed and fully integrated with the company's testing projects. This includes software simulators for the boiler and turbine cycle, computer interfaces, testing procedures, user's manuals, system calculational closure techniques, copyrights and a suit of worldwide method patents. The bulk of this technology base exercises our Input/Loss Method. As stated almost thirty years ago when founded, our objective has, and continues to be, state-of-the-art Directed Development in thermal performance engineering.



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