Input/Loss Method

A major limitation of coal-fired performance monitoring is the lack of real understanding of fuel chemistry, its heating value and coal flow.  Without real-time values for such information, real-time boiler efficiency and system heat rates are not possible. Exergetic Systems provides Real Fuel in Real-Time with its Input/Loss Method.

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Input/Loss is a premier performance monitoring system which allows plant personnel to know their system.  Input/Loss determines over 2000 plant parameters
in real-time.

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Input/Loss is truly an integrated approach, integrating thermal performance with emissions.  For the first time, accurate emission flows are obtained fully consistent with system efficiency. Errors have been demonstrated at less than +/-0.5%.

A single personal computer, the Calculational Engine executes the Input/Loss Method and produces a continuous stream of real-time performance information and engineering reports. Operators displays are then presented through the plant DCS via its data highway, historian and graphics packages.

The Calculational Engine identifies heat rate degradations within the system with each Engine "revolution". The Engine revolutions are selected by the engineer, but typically set to run once every 3 minutes operating on 15 minute running averages of plant data.

Input/Loss quantifies fuel usage through its Fuel Consumption Indices (FCIs). FCIs tell the plant why fuel is being consumed and specifically which components and processes are thermodynamically responsible for fuel consumption; given either their direct creation of electricity or their contribution to thermodynamic losses.

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Input/Loss, with its high resolution of plant stoichiometrics, is able to rapidly detect tube failures and their location! Rapid detection reduces damage, minimizes degraded heat rate and minimizes repair time thus saving millions of dollars.

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The Input/Loss Calculational Engine is like no other performance monitoring system. View our additional pages on Input/Loss' capabilities and its unmatched precision. To contact Exergetic Systems for more information or to request a free CD presentation on Input/Loss click here.

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